Thursday, January 7, 2016

(2016) Dryseas - Dryseaification


So next up we have an Italian band that goes by the name, "Dryseas". Their album is titled, "Dryseaification". This album is only 7 tracks long, so it's a fairly short album. Let's get to it.

Track 1 - Into The White Desert

This is the intro track to the album. It's pretty short clocking in at 1:43. The first thing that makes me happy is that it is in English... that's always a good sign! It's pretty relaxing and not too bad of an intro. I expect something super heavy next.



Track 2 - Delicious

It immediately comes in sounding pretty grungey. This band almost sounds like it could be the love child of "Queens Of The Stone Age" & "Marilyn Manson". The singers voice is a little hard to understand due to his accent, but his pronunciation isn't horrible, just accented. The instrumentation is pretty tight, but so far it seems to be lacking something. Or it could just be the song. Overall, it's not bad, but it's not great.



Track 3 - I Won't Make It Out

I like the intro guitar riff in this song. But once again, it's a little more of the same. This singer will take some getting used to. He's definitely got an "acquired taste" kind of vocal. It's really hard to make out some of the lyrics but the music is pretty good. Very dreadful, very dark. It sounds like something Dracula would listen to on poker night.



Track 4 - Too Late

I love the intro to this song. If the last song was for poker night, this one would be his alarm clock ringtone. This band definitely has the whole "dread" sound down. The guitarist in this band is really the star. The vocalist needs a lot of work on his style. It's extremely hard to understand, but once again, not horrible.



Track 5 - Rainy Day

The thing I hate about this band is how every song sounds the same. I guess that could be what they are going for, but it doesn't compute to success in these parts. People like diversity in their music and this band sounds overdone. It really isn't bad, I promise, it's just something that only some people will like, kind of like "Tool". The drummer kicks ass on this song however.



Track 6 - The Ballad Of Lost Reason

Their first slower track, is also the best of their songs thusfar. It's chill and finally you can understand the singer a little more. So far this is definitely their shining moment. Guitars straight from the textbook of Manson and lyrics and vocals as dark as this bands music has been. I definitely like this song the most. With one track left, it's hard to say how this will all wrap up.



Track 7 - Dryseaification

The final track on this album is also the title track. It is a 5 minute long jam session and also stands out as the best track on the entire album! If every track would have been as awesome as this, this would have been a great album! The vocalist is missing from this track and that's a shame. It would have been interesting to hear what he could have done on this track.



Overall - 26/35

This album could have been a LOT better if it would have sounded more like the last track. If the singer would work on his pronunciation, it would help tremendously! I like it overall, but the last track will probably be the only song that makes my playlist. If you like "Queens Of The Stone Age" & "Marilyn Manson", you will love this album! Till next week, Willowbee out!

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