Friday, April 1, 2016

(2016) Weezer - The White Album


Alright! Finally an album by a band we all know and love, WEEZER!!! Weezer is one of those bands that are going to be around for a long time. Beginning in the 90's, it is definitely nice to see them still around. So without further ado... The White Album.

Track 1 - California Kids

From the first notes it becomes evident that Weezer has fallen back into place continuing the greatness that followed them in the 90's. It definitely has a Blue Album feel to it that somewhat lingers with a Pinkerton vibe. I have always loved Weezer's guitar solo's and this one is no different. Another good song from a great band.



Track 2 - Wind In Our Sail

Track 2 is very piano driven. Almost sounds like a Twenty One Pilots song with Rivers Cuomo singing. Not as strong as the first track, this track is still good. So far this is not the album i've been expecting from them.



Track 3 - Thank God For Girls

This song doesn't really fit the whole "Weezer" mold. This track kinda stands alone in their huge catalog of hits. It's nice to hear after all of these years, they still have surprises left up their sleeves. You can always tell a good band from a bad one by the way they move around different genres and styles.



Track 4 - (Girl We Got A) Good Thing

You can definitely hear Rivers flexing his Beach Boys style on this beginning of this track. This one sounds albums like a Green Album b-side. This is probably my favorite track so far on this album.



Track 5 - Do You Wanna Get High?

Well, I LOVE THE TITLE. That aside, this is definitely my favorite song. This song has the power to become one of your favorite Weezer songs. It has the classic vibe that Weezer has crafted so well. This song is top notch Weezer.



Track 6 - King Of The World

This album has definitely been Weezer so far. It is safe to say that this is not the album I have been expecting from them. Their last release, "Everything Will Be Alright In The End" was very good. But this is definitely better overall. It's nice to hear them getting back to their roots. Perhaps the next album, will be the one.



Track 7 - Summer Elaine And Drunk Dori

The beauty of Weezer has always lied in their simplicity. This song is a perfect example of how they are still holding onto that fact and taking full advantage of it. Weezer has been one of my favorite bands for a long time, so it's nice to hear them getting back to this.



Track 8 - L.A. Girlz

So far, i'm not completely, overly impressed. It's been typical Weezer and I guess that I was hoping for another Blue album. It becomes incredibly hard for a band to equal the success they had with their best album. Bands like Incubus, Hoobastank & Metallica amongst others have fallen into this rut as well.

3/5 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Track 9 - Jacked Up

One cool thing I will say about Rivers. After all these years, his voice has not changed a bit. It is still the exact same signature Rivers voice that we fell in love with on the Blue Album. Weezer has come a long way since those days.



Track 10 - Endless Bummer

This song kind of disappoints me. I can remember a time when Weezer would go out with a bang on their albums. This is just not the ending I hoped for. I'm sure i'm not the only one who remembers the 8 minute track, "Only In Dreams". Oh well, another decent offering from a play it safe band.



Overall - 33/50

Overall, this album lies somewhere between the Blue Album and the Green Album. It's not going to win any awards, but there's definitely a few tracks worth adding to your favorite Weezer playlist. Willowbee, out.

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