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Jack Willowbee's Top 100 Albums Of All Time (51-60)

Alright! Today we're going to reach the halfway point! This has been a very fun experience so far and now we're really getting into my absolute FAVORITE albums. We're going to focus on albums 51-60 and this is where it truly began to get difficult. So without further ado... Here we go again!!!


#60 - Led Zepellin - IV (1971)

While this is by no means the greatest album ever recorded, it does contain what I truly believe to be the greatest song ever written... "Stairway To Heaven". There is something truly magical about "Stairway" that transcends time and musical genres. It is one of the first songs that many guitarists, including myself, set out to learn. Clocking in at 8 minutes in length, it's hard to tell what direction music would have went had they not written this song. The famous scene in Wayne's World would have never been, the drunken Dave Grohl performance of it would have never happened & who knows what else. It truly is that POWERFUL. Anytime anyone ever asks me what the greatest song ever written was, this is ALWAYS the first song that pops into my mind. No one has ever disagreed with me, ever. Overall this album, is very good. This song however makes it EPIC.

SUGGESTED LISTENING (#4 - Stairway To Heaven)

By the way, the Dave Grohl version I previously mentioned is below. You're welcome. ____________________________________________________________________________

#59 - The Doors - Strange Days (1967)

My introduction to The Doors came with a little movie from 1987 titled, "The Lost Boys". AND IT WASN'T EVEN THEM!!! It was a cover of "People Are Strange" by Echo And The Bunnymen. It had a profound impact on me and I have forever been in love with this song. This album is GREAT! It has inspired so many musical artists over the years and it is hard to think about a world without it. In my early 20's I got to a lonely time in my life where I would just sit in the dark, smoke a blunt and listen to albums from start to finish with my eyes closed taking in everything I was hearing. This was one of those albums. This album simply put, is best listened to from start to finish. DO IT, you won't regret it, I PROMISE!

SUGGESTED LISTENING (#2 - You're Lost Little Girl)


#58 - Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992)

I had just turned 10 years old when "The Chronic" came out. I didn't know what to think of it. I was a little white kid from Columbus, Ohio. But I realized it was something truly special. Growing up in the era of MTV & The BOX, I was constantly exposed to this album. My brother bought it and as always I snuck it out of his room and would play it while I was playing Nintendo games. Hell, my mom even liked "Nothin But A G Thang". This was my introduction to Snoop & Dre. I never knew what gangsta rap was till this cd came out. To me, this is the second greatest rap album ever recorded.

SUGGESTED LISTENING (#5 - Nuthin' But A G Thang (Featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg))


#57 - Jeff Buckley - Grace (1994)

There was just something about the music released in 1994. I can't stress that statement enough. It was a magical year. My introduction to Jeff Buckley came in 2004 when some friends of mine were always talking about him. I had heard the name, but never heard the music. Being the music lover I am, I went home and decided to look it up. I listened to "Grace" and was simply blown away. EASILY one of the 10 greatest vocalists of all time, it's a tragedy that he had to die so young. This album is everything a debut album should be. He commands your attention and every song on it is a MASTERPIECE. Though his life on this Earth was cut way too short, at least he was able to leave us with this album. I suggest you listen to it. You won't be sorry!



#56 - Pink Floyd - Meddle (1971)

Any true Pink Floyd fan knows the story of Syd Barrett. They also know that following his departure they began to stray away from their psychedelic roots and go in a more progressive direction. This album contained 6 tracks. 5 on the first side and when you flipped it over, it contained the 24 minute long "Echoes". This song served as a taste of what was to come for them. It was a pre-cursor to Dark Side Of The Moon. Simply put, it was one of their most unique offerings and to this day, one of the greatest songs they wrote. Echoes isn't just a song, it's an adventure. This song has the power to take you on a journey to parts of your mind you didn't know existed. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself! Just hit play, close your eyes and really listen to it.



#55 - Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 (1991)

Guns N' Roses were one of the most powerful bands in the late 80's, early 90's. Another one of those bands that were inescapable. Use Your Illusion was released as 2 separate albums, although it should have just been a double. Haha. Way to make extra money I guess. These albums came at the height of their career and turned them from great status to legendary status. November Rain, Civil War, You Could Be Mine & Knockin' On Heavens Door, just mentioning those songs should remind you how great they were. It's a shame what happened to them in the years following. It's another one of those classic feud stories that tore apart something great. We've heard that story too many times before. Thank GOD they released these albums though. Terminator 2 made great use of the song, "You Could Be Mine".

SUGGESTED LISTENING - Use Your Illusion I (#10 - November Rain) SUGGESTED LISTENING - Use Your Illusion II (#12 - You Could Be Mine)

Since it's November and rainy, here's a bonus.

And just because this song is BAD ASS. ____________________________________________________________________________

#54 - Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (1959)

Around 2003, I kept hearing Miles Davis this & Miles Davis that so I sat down and decided to listen to what all the fuss was about. Boy did I pick a GREAT album to start with! I believe this is the oldest and most random album on my list, but it is certainly well deserved. To those who don't know, Miles Davis was a jazz trumpet player. Although he could fit into other genres, especially later in his life, he mainly played jazz. Jazz has never been my forte. However, this album made me open my mind up and because of it, I am forever thankful to him and his wonderful music. "If peeing in your pants is cool, then consider me miles davis". Hahahaha.



#53 - The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)

Here is where I begin to make some enemies. The following statement I believe to be completely true. "The Beatles are the most over-rated band of all time". There... I said it. Go ahead and bash me. Come on, do it! But before you do, consider this. Early in their career they were under guidance from their record labels. Everything was poppy and "fake". Their early songs were ok, but it was albums like this and "The White Album" that truly showed their potential. With that being said, I LOVE ABBEY ROAD. This album is ICONIC. The album art is easily the most recognized cover in music history. EVERYONE has seen it. But a lot of people have only heard what the radio plays. Booooooooooooo! I say to those people. Listen to track #8, "Because". It is easily one of their best, non-single songs. Haunting and beautiful. Also, listen to track #1, "Come Together". Is John Lennon really saying, "Shoot Me"? If so, that's just creepy. Really creepy.



#62 - 2Pac - All Eyez On Me (1996)

Well, ladies and gentleman, here it is. The last rap album on my countdown. This is the GREATEST rap album ever recorded. It was hard not to place it higher up cause it definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. But once again, this is my favorite list, not the definitive one. So why is this album so high up? If you were alive, you know why. This album is FILLED with conspiracy and GREAT, GREAT music. Loaded with hits, this is the best 2Pac had to offer and came at the end of his life? I put a question mark there because who knows! 2Pac was so powerful with his lyrics that he transcended the rap genre and crossed over and connected with anyone who listened to his music. He is not only the greatest rap artist of all time, but his music will live on for thousands of years. Do you think people in a thousand years will be listening to Jay-Z? Probably not, he's shit in comparison. 2Pac will forever be the GOAT. And this is the album why.



#51 - The Beatles - The White Album (1968)

This is my last Beatles album included on my countdown. Although many would place this much, much higher. It clocks in at #51 on my list. This was a double album that represented the beginning of their experimental music. They started doing drugs and opened their minds to more possibilities musically. The Beatles were great, don't get me wrong. But this album was their peak. This album inspired Charles Manson (Helter Skelter) & Pink Floyd (Dear Prudence) and countless others. It is a GREAT album and will be remembered long after all of us have come and gone.
SUGGESTED LISTENING (Disc 1 - #11 - Blackbird)


So there you have it! Halfway done! I hope you have enjoyed our time together so far, cause I have a blast writing these out every week! With so many albums that most people would have listed in their top 10 already out of the way... who knows what I have left in store for you all! Same time next week! You know where to find me! Till then, thanks for checking it out again!

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