Friday, October 16, 2015

Music Lovers UNITE!!!

So I decided to scrap all of my old music reviews and begin this page all over again with the hope of it actually taking off this time. Let me start by telling you a little about myself and why I feel like I can help you find new and exciting music you've never heard of. I am a musician and music has flowed through my bones since I was a child. I breathed it. I watched it on MTV & The BOX. I listened to every cassette, cd and radio I could get my hands on. Sometimes I would just sit in the dark with my walkman and turn it up as loud as humanly possible and sing along at the top of my lungs. When I was 10 it was 1992-1993. LOTS of great music was coming out. Nirvana, The Offspring, Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, the list could go on for paragraphs.

Throughout my years as a music lover I have listened to TONS of different styles and artists. With my favorite artists I can tell you their album discography, the track numbers, the lyrics and the year it came out. That's how you truly define a great album. One that takes you so deep within it, that you literally remember EVERYTHING about it. Everyone has their own favorites and that's just another great part of it all.

I'm mainly a rocker at heart but I love everything. Really... everything. I can name you songs by everyone from Kenny G to Master P. I have listened to so much music in my lifetime that it would be hard to put an hour count on it. I have went to a lot of live performances and one of my favorite things to do is just sit back and take in everything going on around me. I love to people watch and it was fun seeing how other people react to the same music I like. I'm 32 now so I have definitely heard a LOT of music.

On this page I will be doing reviews of both new and old music. I think to start things off i'm going to compile my top 100 albums of all time and review 10 a week until Christmas. This will require some deep thought but I feel that after you see what I like and what i'm about, you will be able to determine how much my opinion is worth to you.

So check back every Friday night from the 23rd until the end of the year as I present you with my personal top 100 albums of all time. I look forward to talking to all of you in the coming months and can't wait to hear all of your feedback and recommendations. Hey, you or me might even find a new favorite band!

Sincerely, Jack Willowbee


  1. thanks for the list. I'd like to know what you think of Dead Sara?

  2. Well, based on your suggestion I just checked out, "Mona Lisa" & "Weatherman". It's definitely refreshing to hear a band with a girl singer bringing it like they are. They seem pretty dope. I will have to check out more. Thanks for the suggestion & thanks for checking my blog out. Don't forget to hit "join" in the top right hand corner and check back every Friday!

  3. with the end of the year approaching, I wonder if you'll do a "best of 2015" list?

  4. Probably not this year. I haven't listened to enough new music. I will however be starting my music reviews come January! Tell everyone you know. Share the page! I could definitely use some new eyes!

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